An American multinational semiconductor company may be preparing to release its own series of cryptocurrency mining processors. According to reports, AMD is seeking to launch GPUs for Ethereum mining.

AMD Navi 12 has no video output

According to PC Gamer, AMD Navi 12 is a graphics processing unit (GPU) specifically launched for Apple Macbook Pro devices, and may be the company’s first specific processor related to crypto mining. In fact, the new version of the card has no video output.

This means that Navi 12 GPU will not support VCN (the next video core), which is a requirement for PC gaming purposes and makes it a suitable candidate for crypto mining. According to the report, the card is expected to have the ability to mine Ethereum (ETH).

If this strategy becomes a reality, PC Gamer said that AMD may be seeking to “in the hands of gamers” gaming GPUs, rather than for crypto mining purposes.

After Nvidia recently launched a processor for mining ETH, it is possible to release an exclusive encrypted mining AMD GPU.

However, as reported on February 22, 2021, Nvidia announced that it will begin to limit the efficiency of mining Ethereum or any other cryptocurrency with its new series of GPUs.

Will the battle between miners and players end soon?

The two multinational companies are the same in terms of reserving game cards for gamers, because the conflict between miners and gamers is persistent. This “war” has greatly increased the price of GPUs in the market and has aroused the anger of gamers who are struggling to find cheap graphics cards.

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With the current cryptocurrency bull market, mining activity has increased. In addition, it forced companies such as AMD and Nvidia to decide to launch exclusive products for crypto miners.

Recently, a regional report from China indicated that since Bitcoin (BTC) application-specific integrated circuit (ASIC) integrated mining equipment manufacturers, there has been a surge in demand since the price of leading crypto assets has skyrocketed.

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