Amazon is planning to launch its “From Child to Career” program “Future Engineer” in India, which is a job tip. The program debuted in the United States in January last year and aims to fund computer science courses to help students learn coding and computers. Amazon is currently hiring a manager to lead the Amazon Future Engineer Program in India. After CEO Jeff Bezos visited the country and announced that the company had invested US$1 billion (approximately Rs 73.19 billion) in the country to digitize the country’s small and medium-sized enterprises, the recent move took place Almost a year.

The job posting was first reported by TechCrunch, indicating that Amazon is planning to launch the Future Engineer Program in India sometime in 2021.

The company said in an article published: “Preliminary research is currently being conducted on Amazon Future Engineer in India, and we look forward to the selected candidates for in-depth research on the operation of the program to make it meet the needs of India and students.”

Although the work location will be Amazon’s India headquarters in Bangalore, the plan is likely to be rolled out nationwide.

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Since its release, Amazon Future Engineer has expanded to more than 5,000 schools and 550,000 students in the United States, according to the detailed information provided in the company’s press release.

The Amazon Future Engineers program is touted as an annual education for students from “underrepresented and underserved” communities. It includes a scholarship of US$10,000 (approximately Rs 7,32,000) provided to 100 students each year. The company also pointed out that it provides scholarship recipients with guaranteed paid internship opportunities in its office after graduation in the first year of college.

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Amazon has pledged to invest more than US$6.5 billion (approximately Rs 47,586 crore) in the country. The most recent investment was US$1 billion announced in January. It initially started local operations as an e-commerce company, although the Seattle, Washington-based company has recently expanded its operations in India. The company also promised to create as many as one million new jobs in the country by 2025 earlier this year.

Last July, Amazon launched an app called JEE Ready, which was recently renamed Amazon Academy. It aims to help students prepare for the Indian Engineering Test IIT-JEE.

Similar to Amazon, companies including Google and Microsoft have long shown interest in Indian students. Earlier this year, Facebook also invested in the educational technology start-up Unacademy, and worked closely with the Central Committee of Secondary Education (CBSE) to organize certification training on digital security and augmented reality for the country’s students.

According to data provided by the United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF), the country has more than 1.5 million schools and 250 million children. This provides a solid reason for companies like Amazon to consider the country’s education system to promote their business development.

However, in addition to planning to invest in education, Amazon is currently working to expand its e-commerce business in the country. The company drew in rupees. In October, it invested 7 billion rupees in its Indian subsidiary to increase sales during the holiday season. It has also explored new models, including sending wine home to maintain its presence even during the country’s coronavirus lockdown.

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