Amazon Music is expanding its X-ray capabilities so that you can see some interesting behind-the-scenes tidbits and trivia to find your favorite songs. Importantly, X-Ray does not provide a brand new feature on Amazon Music as before-automatically display lyrics line by line when the song is playing. However, the music streaming service has expanded its existing functions to provide detailed information about specific songs. X-ray has always been a prominent feature on Kindle and Amazon Prime Video, and can provide more detailed information about the available content.

According to The Verge, X-Ray’s expansion can be achieved worldwide with “tens of millions” of songs listed on Amazon Music, and provides some “interesting facts” for popular songs in the United States and the United Kingdom.

You can access the album and trivia of the song by swiping up on the screen X-ray Music icon. After that, you can swipe up further to see every fact or detail available under the “X-ray” section.You can also click credit Button to view the credit history associated with the song.

According to reports, these records include the artist’s background story about the release time of the song. It will also provide some trivia about specific tracks available on Amazon Music.

Before the latest update, Amazon Music used X-Ray to display lyrics, and automatically displayed and scrolled line by line when the song was playing.

Although you can install the latest Amazon Music app on your Android or iOS devices to get the latest experience, the extended X-Ray is being promoted wirelessly.

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Amazon’s new attempt will help distinguish Amazon Music from Spotify and YouTube Music, which are also well-known choices among music lovers around the world. In September last year, the American giant added podcast streaming to Amazon Music to convince podcast listeners. According to official data provided in January, the service has more than 55 million subscribers worldwide.

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