California on Monday accused Amazon of failing to fully comply with subpoenas demanding details of coronavirus cases and agreements at its factories.

State Attorney General Xavier Becerra filed a petition calling on a California judge to order the e-commerce giant to provide the requested information.

Becerra said: “It is vital to know whether these workers are protected in the legal work they are entitled to.”

“Amazon has delayed long enough to respond sufficiently to our investigation request.”

The petition submitted to the court stated that the e-commerce giant did not provide the information it was seeking as part of an investigation into the status of the COVID-19 case in the Amazon coronavirus agreement and its facilities.

According to Becerra, the subpoena was issued by the California Department of Justice four months ago.

When asked by AFP, Amazon said: “The sudden appearance of the Attorney General puzzled us because we have been cooperating for several months, and their requirements do not meet the requirements, which is inconsistent with the facts.”

“Most importantly, we are in a leading position in providing employees with COVID-19 safety measures – we have invested billions of dollars in equipment and technology, including conducting field tests for employees and providing personal protective equipment.”

The information requested by state lawyers includes Amazon’s sick leave policy and cleaning procedures, as well as raw data on the number of infections and deaths in the state’s facilities.

As people shop online to reduce health risks, pressure on Seattle-based Amazon’s sales and delivery through its logistics network has surged during the pandemic.

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