Amazon is accused of hiring employees just to get them to leave within a year. According to a recent report, several managers working with the e-commerce giant stated that they must do this to achieve their internal turnover goals. According to reports, this internally controversial practice is called “hiring people to fire.” According to reports, three Amazon managers stated that they are under tremendous pressure to achieve their annual goal, namely, no regrets attrition (URA). Just hire employees to fire them. So that they can protect the other members of the team.

As outlined in the Business Insider report, the existence of such practices in certain parts of the company may lead to controversial norms and practices. According to internal documents the publication said it had obtained, even the most senior Amazon executives, including the incoming CEO Andy Jassy (Andy Jassy), will closely follow its URA goals. The publication cited the example of the Amazon Web Services team, which failed to meet the 2020 URA goals and needed to make up the difference in 2021 based on the company memos it visited. However, an Amazon spokesperson denied in a statement in the publication that the company hired employees to fire them. The spokesperson also said that Amazon does not use the term “get it hired”.

Since the report was published, Amazon employees have begun to talk about this practice in online forums. On Y Combinator’s Hacker News forum, a person with the username “throwawaySlu” claimed to be Amazon’s chief software development engineer. He said that the company’s weakest link is its manager. The person familiar with the matter added that competent software development managers (SDMs) are “very few”, explaining in detail how many SDMs lack technical depth and that competent engineers are “left behind” due to incompetent managers.

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Another user vanusa thanked those who talked about these issues on Amazon and said: “Thank you very much for sharing. I just hope you don’t be’discovered’ by the wrong SDM”.

The third user, tamzn, said: “I am SDM, and I do agree that at this level, whether it is incompetent or malicious, there is a lot of room to disrupt people’s careers.”

The fourth user, etempleton, said that this type of problem leads to a “hostile and manipulable work environment” and adds, “It may produce short-term results, but in the long run it creates a terrible company culture. “.

Even on Reddit, there are discussions on the subject: “Some Amazon managers say that they’hiring people’ just to achieve internal turnover goals each year.”

User kabdib said, “Similar things happened at Microsoft during Ballmer’s (former CEO) administration. A team would hire “ten percent” people and then fire them to protect the “real” team.”

Another user, luv2fit, said that this culture stems from the belief: “You should continuously reduce the bottom 10% of employees and introduce new talents every year. Users continue to add that even though “after you start to cut valuable subject matter experts” these two years will be great.

When talking about a manager of a technology company teaching “the ropes of forming a team,” AwareParking said: “My manager casually told me that the last place is the person we want to hire, and then the person who fires.”

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