After its release, the snowboarding game “Alto’s Adventure” and its sandboard sequel “Alto’s Odyssey” have more atmosphere, visual style and beauty than its basic gameplay, and have been praised. The adjectives used by critics to describe these two games include “leisure”, “soft”, “relaxing” and “soothing.” When people are looking for something to get rid of this invisible threat, the Alto title seems to be made during a pandemic. After all, they even have a built-in “Zen mode”, players don’t need to care about high scores or falling, but can lose themselves in a beautiful environment.

Since the release date, this peaceful experience has been mostly limited to phones, tablets, and computers (unless you own an Apple TV) for many years. Now, with the launch of Alto Collection, this situation has changed. The product package is also for PC, PS4 and Xbox One. The two games “Alto’s Adventure” and “Alto’s Odyssey” are packaged, and Nintendo Switch will be launched soon. This is the first time that both games can be used on the console and the first time Alto’s Odyssey can be used on the PC. Thanks to the Epic Games Store, it is also free for a week on PC.

Alto Collection transfers the calm experience to the big screen and supports excellent 4K HDR. The publisher Snowman claims that there are dynamic lighting and weather effects. But this may require a little optimization, because we noticed some dropped frames on Xbox One X. This situation is rare, but it does exist.

On this basis, Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey are endless runner-up games you remember. With the help of more than six characters, there are more than 120 horizontal rolling levels generated by the process to complete 360 ​​goals, such as wing suits, item drops, helmets and pickaxes. And all these can be obtained through advance payment. You must play to unlock all rewards; no microtransactions in The Alto Collection will bother you. Although the only button that can perform any operation in the game is “A” (Xbox) or “X” (PS4), there is also full controller support. Both are essentially single button games, so they are very suitable for gamers and non-game players.

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How the Alto team designed the Alto adventure tour to make it a “new experience in the same universe”

As always, you will use this button to jump over obstacles such as rocks and canyons. Press and hold it to perform a backflip. Arrange the time and you will gain skills. If you enter the wrong time, it will crash, forcing you to restart. You can also earn skill points by polishing on flagpoles, vines, wooden bridges and temple steps. Or ride through the fence (Alto’s Odyssey only), or control by pressing and holding the same button. Sometimes you need to jump off the wall to clear the cracks. Or jump between different walls while riding, then flip back. Or flip the ramp backwards, or bounce off the hot air balloon. However, this is not about being creative, but about removing what is thrown in front of you.

Your total score is a combination of skill score, coins collected on the way (used to unlock the above upgrades), and travel distance. After reaching the 2,000m mark, you will encounter obstacles in life, such as a village elder in Alto’s Adventure and a lemur in Alto’s Odyssey, they will chase you and try to stop you. You will have to increase speed by completing tricks and maximizing downhill runs, and eventually clear obstacles to get rid of them.

As we pointed out at the initial release, Alto’s “Odyssey” is the more beautiful game of the two. It has more mechanics, such as balloon jumping, flying through tornadoes, and the diversity of its biomes, and then The type and frequency of obstacles are controlled. You met. All in all, although it has the same problems as its predecessor, it makes the game more interesting. Like Alto’s Adventure, the goals that must be achieved to make progress in Alto’s Odyssey are locked at each level. You may be able to achieve your goals yourself at another level, but when they are actually asked about you at a higher level, they have to do it again. This is annoying and feels like game filling.

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As for playing Alto Collection on TV, it will naturally bring a more immersive experience, although depending on your play style, your eyes may be fixed on a small part of it. Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey require you to constantly scan for upcoming events and make corresponding decisions. The challenge is that it won’t give you too many windows, and the character’s high speed is necessary to clear certain obstacles and evade chasers, thus further shortening the time. For us, this means having to toss between characters and incoming content, switching when we get the skills. Therefore, some people may actually prefer a smaller screen.

The adventures of Alto in the Alto series
Image source: Snowman

Of course, you can give up all of this and only spend time in the aforementioned non-competitive Zen mode, which is offered in Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey. Only when you are not focused on avoiding the rocks can you reflect and truly appreciate the beauty and simplicity of The Alto Collection. With a dedicated Zen Mode soundtrack from composer Torin Borrowdale (who worked on Netflix’s Locke & Key and Aneesh Chaganty’s Searching), and a complete day-night cycle that provides stunning vistas, these two Alto titles become yours Experience does not want to leave. We even find ourselves using games as background music for music, looking up from time to time to understand the changes in art over time.

To make the most of this, Alto Collection comes with a new “photo mode” that allows you to hurry up in the game-and make your own Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey wallpapers. Sadly, the photo mode in Alto Collection is limited. It allows you to zoom and pan within the frame to compose the picture, but you cannot control roll, pitch, and angle, let alone other functions such as filters, aperture control, time adjustment or character customization. This is a welcome addition, but it does not maximize the potential of the photo mode. Other games (such as Tsushima’s Ghost) understand this.

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Nevertheless, Alto Collection is a wonderful way for newcomers to visit the dual world of Alto’s Adventure and Alto’s Odyssey. It is a gratifying reward for those who have been here before, especially when we need something to forget our worries and escape more time. The time is better than ever.