Chinese regulators recently convened 11 domestic technology companies, including Alibaba Group, Tencent and ByteDance, to negotiate the use of “deepfake” technology on their content platforms, and strengthened scrutiny of the industry.

The Chinese cyberspace administrator said in a statement on Thursday that it met with the Ministry of Public Security to discuss “security assessments” and potential problems with Deepfake and audio social applications. Kuaishou Technology and Xiaomi also participated in the meeting.

None of the companies immediately responded to requests for comment.

Deepfake uses artificial intelligence to create ultra-realistic but fake video or audio, making people seem to be saying or doing things they haven’t done.

Due to concerns about monopolistic behavior and potential violations of consumer rights, China has intensified its censorship of Internet giants in recent months.

The statement also said that the regulator also required the two companies to “conduct security assessments on their own,” and submit reports to the government when planning to add new features or new information services that “have the ability to mobilize society.”

Since the US-based chat service was banned in the US in early February, imitators of the audio application Clubhouse have surged in China.

The club visited China for a short time and attracted many users to participate in discussions on sensitive topics, such as Xinjiang detention camps and Hong Kong independence, and was then closed by the authorities.

Reuters reported earlier this month that ByteDance, the owner of TikTok, is one of many companies dedicated to developing apps similar to Clubhouse for the Chinese market.

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Other new products include Kuaishou’s invitation-based Feichuan application and Xiaomi’s transformation of the Mi Talk application into an invitation-only audio service for professionals.

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