Alexa is three years old in India. Advertisement Shout talked with Puneesh Kumar, the country head of Amazon India Alexa, to learn more about how Amazon’s smart assistant has grown in India and its next development. “Voice is the future,” Kumar said during Alexa’s third year of studying in India. He explained that in the past year, interaction on smart assistants has increased by more than 67%, and 85% of India’s PIN codes have purchased Echo smart speakers. Alexa’s footprint has grown exponentially. It is said that 50% of Alexa users in India are from non-urban cities. Kumar said the company is working hard to provide local language support, but has not yet worked out a real road map. He also answered the question of why many smartphones cannot use Alexa, and talked about the privacy of data and records of Alexa users in India.

To celebrate the third anniversary of Alexa’s establishment in India, Amazon said it will provide discounts and concessions for the best-selling Echo devices and smart home kits. This will start at midnight on February 15 and will continue for 24 hours on

Vernacular support will take time
In these three years in India, Amazon introduced Hindi language support, and then introduced Hinglish to understand the language context. However, the country has multiple Indian languages, and Alexa does not currently support these languages. The company plans to introduce news in 12 regional languages, but formal conversations may take longer. “Because Alexa’s brain is in the cloud, she becomes smarter every time she interacts. Therefore, when people talk to her in different languages, she is learning all this knowledge due to the deep neural network and machine learning technology. And her knowledge is getting richer. I think her regional language vocabulary is getting better.”

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“I can’t talk too much about the language roadmap, so I can’t say which language will be released first or when. Currently, her oral skills are limited to English and Hindi. As time goes by, we will consider the appropriate Timing and the regional language that Alexa should respond to. However, I think there is still a while away from us.” Kumar said.

The Echo and Fire TV Stick series perform well in 2020
Kumar said that in 2020, the Echo and Fire TV Stick series have achieved amazing growth and are among the top ten products brought on during Diwali and all other sales periods. The interaction with Alexa in 2020 has increased by 67% compared to 2019. Kumar said customers say “I love you” for Alexa 19,000 times a day, an increase of 1,200% from 2019. The most requested songs on Alexa are Hanuman Chalisa, Shaitan Ka Saala, and Little Shark. Small cities such as Spiti, Bundi and Gadchiroli have also seen the use of Alexa, and in 2020, more than 85% of PIN code customers have purchased Echo smart speakers.

So far, Alexa is only available on six smartphones
Although Alexa can be used on more than 100 third-party devices including cars and headsets, there are only six smartphones that support voice assistants. These include the recently released Redmi Note 9 Pro and OnePlus Nord. Kumar said that Amazon’s goal is to make Alexa available everywhere, no matter where customers want to use it. He believes that smartphones are more like personal devices, while voice interaction is more inherent in social environments. He said: “Whether at home, in the car, on the road, in the office, at school or anywhere else, if they want to talk to Alexa, they should be able to do the equipment. Therefore, smart speakers are what we think There are more social devices, and smart phones are ultimately very personal devices. We even noticed that parents are more willing to let their children connect to speakers via smart phones.”

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Kumar added: “India is a mobile country and the industry is developing very rapidly. The smartphones we launched in cooperation with companies such as Xiaomi in the past 12 months have built-in Alexa. Therefore, customers will have the opportunity to take advantage of this advantage. We also have more than 100 million downloads of the Amazon shopping app. Last year we enabled Alexa on the Android app. Therefore, customers who use the Amazon app can also use it by voice and find convenience.” The company said that Alexa every day Respond to more than 5.8 million requests on the Amazon shopping app to search for products, best deals and music.

Alexa’s upcoming features
In the future, Amazon plans to launch a new Macmillan skill to help users learn English, use Rekhta skills to access the largest shayari collection in the Urdu language world, and integrate hundreds of hours of audio entertainment programs of celebrities and celebrities. These stories are from Audible o One of the celebrities that Wild Amazon has worked with is Amitabh Bachchan.

More privacy in the hands of customers
When talking about privacy, Kumar said the goal is to make things as transparent as possible and give control to customers. “We take privacy very seriously because all of us are customers. We consider all customers who buy from us, and also consider all of us who are also avid Alexa customers on Amazon. From a privacy point of view, we have been in the past 12 Many improvements were made in the middle of the month. We have activated the Privacy Center so that we can educate our customers about privacy, data storage, recording, etc. We provide a lot of options, and it’s very easy, you can now tell Alexa “delete me now “Recordings” and all your recordings will be deleted. We also provide a lot of options and let you easily tell Alexa just to automatically set some of these permissions. You can tell Alexa to “delete my recordings in 30 days” and Alexa will It is automatically deleted after this time period. You don’t need to tell Alexa again and again.”

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“You can view the complete history of interaction with Alexa, or delete it with a voice command or one click. We will continue to innovate in this field to ensure that users feel more comfortable with their privacy, but more important The thing is, they are also more comfortable in control. This is what we are after. Customers should have better control and understand how Alexa provides them with all these features.”

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