In the Highlands-the critically acclaimed Tony Award-winning musical adapted from Lin-Manuel Miranda and Quiara Alegría Hudes-has become the second Warner Bros. movie to skip the theater and go directly to the video on demand in India. Coronavirus pandemic. No, the Justice League Snyder Cut is not the first, because it was never planned to be released in theaters. This honor goes to the new Western action thriller “Those Who Wish Me To Die” led by Angelina Jolie. However, the family premiere of In the Heights is even more surprising, because this movie is an IMAX release of Warner Bros. This seems to be the reason why it persisted in the first place with “The Devil Let Me Do It”, but this further confuses what viewers can expect to see at home and what they have to wait in the cinema.

Maybe Warner Bros. Reasoning works along the income line. After all, even in the pre-COVID era, the box office income in India was very small in the highlands and those who wished me to die. If this is the idea of ​​the studio, it can go further. In addition to “Call of Souls: The Devil Let Me Do This”, Warner Bros. now retains the family comedy “Slam Dunk in Space: A New Legacy” led by LeBron James (last Friday, July 16 in cinemas and HBO around the world). Max released). U.S). Although the new Space Jam film performed strongly during its premiere weekend in the United States, this is unlikely to be the case in India. Once the cinema is completely reopened, Warner Bros. will not compete with other films, but can profit from families with children in India who are now trapped at home.

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In addition, it is unclear what Warner Bros. achieved by postponing what it believes to be sent directly to the home premiere of video on demand. In the Heights was released in theaters and HBO Max on June 10th, and will be shown in India on Apple TV, BookMyShow Stream, Google Play Movies, and YouTube Movies on Thursday, July 29th. This is an interval of seven weeks. Why is it delayed? The drama situation in India did not change much between early June and late July. In addition, the HBO Max version of In the Heights means that high-quality pirated copies will be available on the Torrent site from day one. Those who really want to watch “Highland” may have done so, which further limits the profit potential of movies that have already lost box office revenue.

Nevertheless, Warner Bros.’s performance here is better than other Hollywood studios. Paramount Pictures/Viacom 18 Studios continues to retain the second part of Silent Place starring Emily Blunt, and it is now even available on Paramount+ in the United States. May wish to cancel the Indian box office at this time.Disney faces a similar situation led by Emma Stone Crura With Scarlett Johansson Black widow (The latter “coming soon” Disney + Hotstar). Universal Pictures is the bravest. It felt very reckless to introduce Fast and Furious 9 to Indian cinemas on August 5, two weeks later. However, this may be to avoid piracy. Lionsgate has indeed gone a step further than Warner Bros. It made its debut in Lionsgate Studios on “Human Fury” led by Jason Statham this Friday, but it came three months late.

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As I said before, the studio has the opportunity to show that they really care about the Indian audience, but they don’t seem to be interested in speeding up the action.