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After the violence in the US Congress, Amazon will remove QAnon products from the platform

Amazon said on Monday that it is working to remove some QAnon products from its online marketplace, citing a policy of prohibiting offensive items or other inappropriate content.

After QAnon’s followers joined the siege of the US Capitol last week, five people died worldwide.

Supporters of QAnon promoted the conspiracy on social media on the basis of anonymous “Q” online posts on the grounds that they knew insider the administration of US President Donald Trump. These include the unfounded claim that Trump is secretly fighting a group of child sex predators, including prominent Democrats and Hollywood figures.

This action by Amazon came after the decision to stop hosting Parler’s online content, which is a social network used by some Trump supporters. The company claimed that Parler violated the terms of service of its cloud computing unit Amazon Web Services (AWS) because the company failed to respond to the increase in violent social media. Parler sued AWS on Monday.

Amazon has previously been criticized for promoting extremist views of products (such as Holocaust denial books) and deleted its product list.

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