After the coup in Southeast Asian countries, Alphabet’s YouTube has deleted five channels of the Myanmar military television network hosted on its platform.

A YouTube spokesperson said in a statement in response to Reuters’ questions: “In accordance with our community guidelines and applicable laws, we have terminated many channels and removed some videos from YouTube.”

YouTube said the deleted channels included National TV, MRTV (Myanmar Broadcasting and Television), and military-owned Myawaddy Media, MWD variety shows and MWD Myanmar TV.

According to the United Nations, they were removed from their posts during the bloodiest anti-coup protest to date, and according to 38 people were killed on Wednesday, when security forces tried to suppress rallies and used live ammunition in certain areas.

The army seized power on February 1 and accused Aung San Suu Kyi’s government of winning massive fraud in the November general election. The Election Commission said the vote was fair, but the military has used the media to demonstrate and defend the acquisition.

Facebook banned MRTV pages in February, and it had previously banned Myawaddy in 2018 when Myawaddy banned Army Chief Min Aung Hlaing (now a military ruler) and a dozen other senior officials and organizations on the platform.

Facebook has now banned all pages related to the Burmese army-and was banned by the military government in February.

Other social media platforms are also working to address how to ease Myanmar’s military content and the proliferation of hate speech and misinformation.

Reuters reported on Thursday that Burmese soldiers and police are using TikTok to deliver death threats to protesters.

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Researchers said that after the Facebook ban was issued, the military is trying to establish its own presence on other platforms.

In Myanmar’s November 8 vote, YouTube was criticized by researchers and civil society groups for taking a relatively laissez-faire approach.

Reuters’ comments found that YouTube hosted dozens of channels, which exacerbated election misinformation while pretending to be news media or political programs.

Google said it terminated 34 YouTube channels in December after conducting an investigation into coordinated influence operations related to Myanmar.

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