After the price soared by more than 1500% last week, the pirated Shiba Inu of Dogecoin based on Ethereum has been listed on two important cryptocurrency exchanges today, namely Binance and FTX. Binance has faced severe criticism for issuing Shiba Inu, but due to the inflow of this currency, its system is now overwhelmed.

Shiba Inu gets listed on FTX and Binance

Shiba Inu is a memetic coin based on Ethereum, which is expected to become the next Dogecoin. It has been listed on two very important exchanges in the cryptocurrency field: FTX And Binance. Binance includes currency in its innovation zone, which puts some restrictions on its trading, while FTX includes it as a mature cryptocurrency, including the spot market and perpetual futures traded with it.

The cryptocurrency experienced a price increase last week, which surged by nearly 1500%. However, the indicator compares with how much it increased last month, with a coveted 40,000% increase. However, even after experiencing the amazing price movement, new investors still think this is interesting, and they think it is a way to take advantage of the bull market after missing the Dogecoin stimulus.

Shiba Inu (Shiba Inu) was launched in August 2020 with a market capitalization of USD 1,000 trillion. It is notorious and effective in the Krabi coin market. It is a very interesting move: 50% of its issued tokens are given away Vitalik Buterin (Vitalik Buterin), one of the founders of the foundation Ethereum now controls more than $8 billion in currency, is richer in Shiba Inu than in Ethereum.

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Communicate in the face of rigid criticism

However, after listing Shiba Inu on Binance, its CEO Changpeng Zhao was strongly criticized by people who believed that the currency was just a piracy of Dogecoin.Zhao quickly responded to these critics, claiming to pass Twitter Binance is only responding to the ever-increasing needs of users, requiring it to be available for trading. Zhao said:

We care about users. Many users requested it, so that we ran out of ETH deposit addresses due to SHIB today. There has never been any other ERC20 coin.

Zhao Ye debate The job of the exchange is only to provide users with a “neutral” place for trading business. He asks users to conduct their own research on the new tokens and advises them not to buy tokens they don’t understand. However, this behavior is not new: Binance also faced backslash criticism after listing the “Sushi” currency as a listing target last year. According to some people, the currency skipped due diligence procedures.

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