In the past few days, the cryptocurrency community has been discussing the recent actions taken by Craig Wright’s lawyers against the web portal hosting the original Bitcoin white paper. Recently, due to alleged copyright infringement, letters were sent to many websites requesting the removal of the paper.

Bitcoin white paper copyright allegations

The digital currency space has once again caused controversy because many portals like have received notice from the Craig Wright legal team telling them to remove the Bitcoin white paper from their website. Wright has claimed for years that he is Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor of Bitcoin, but Wright has never proven this to the larger community.

In addition, Wright also claimed to be the “legitimate owner” of the domain name and claimed that a group of people controlled the site and changed the information. The current owner of denies Wright’s claims and emphasizes that Wright’s allegations are “unfounded” and the site refuses to comply.’s statement on the details of the incident: “Yesterday, both and received allegations of infringement of the copyright of the Bitcoin white paper from a lawyer representing Craig Steven Wright.” “In this letter, they claim that Craig owns The copyright of the paper, the name of the bitcoin and the ownership of They also claim that he is the anonymous creator of bitcoin, Satoshi Nakamoto, and the original owner of and Bitcoincore. org have been asked to delete the white paper. We believe these claims are baseless and refuse to do so.” The operator further insisted.

The owner of the website, aliased as “cobra“Also has been posting tweets about the claims made by Lawyer Wright recently. In addition, Bitcoin Core chief maintainer Wladimir Van Der Laan said on Github that the white paper “does not necessarily need to be hosted here.” Refer to the website, The website also received notice from a lawyer. Van Der Laan wrote: “Unless someone can point out where Satoshi licensed it under a free license, it is safer to remove it from the website legally. “Van Der Laan wrote.

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Cobra did not seem to appreciate Van derland’s decision and tweeted about the legal letter. “You should issue a legal letter to force you to modify BTC’s website and delete the white paper at the request of CSW,” Cobra write In response to Van Der Laan’s tweet about this issue. “You have provided precedent and sufficient legitimacy for his claim, making his attack on more likely to succeed. No sympathy.” Cobra’s harsh criticism further pointed out.

The current domain owner also posted a tweet explaining how people donate to the portal’s legal fund for the white paper’s copyright claims.

Cobra tweeted:

If you want to contribute to the legal defense of /, to counter CSW’s copyright claim on the white paper and the ownership of the so-called domain name. We have a donation address. We cannot let this situation continue.

Wright tried to say that the paper was the nose of Sc, a proponent of open source and public domain cryptocurrency

These issues have become hot topics on social media, and encryption proponents have been vigorously discussing the so-called white paper copyright statement.Many Bitcoin supporters Announce Host the white paper on its website.Bitcoin supporter Bruce Fenton tell His 55,000 Twitter followers stated, “The Bitcoin white paper is open source and in the public domain.”

“The white paper is in the original repo licensed by the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. CSW is holding the straw here,” another person adhere to. Billfodl’s Twitter account screamed, and it also refused to delete the site’s hosting white paper.

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“We also refuse to delete the white paper, just like Cobra Bitcoin,” Billfodl’s Twitter account Said. “The stupidity of CSW and Calvin will not scare us.” Since Cobra posted copyright infringements on Twitter, the donation address of the organization’s legal defense has begun to receive a large number of BTC donations.

The US Copyright Office “does not investigate the authenticity of any statement”

In addition, there were other people who claimed to have the copyright of the Bitcoin white paper in the past.

Wei Liu, a former executive of Bitcoin mining business F2pool, easily registered the copyright for the Bitcoin white paper because he only claimed to be the pseudonym Satoshi Nakamoto and the author of the paper. In fact, the US Copyright Office statement on Wright’s 2019 copyright claims stated that government entities “do not investigate the authenticity of any claims.”

What do you think of Craig Wright’s latest claim? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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