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Advocacy groups call for changes to IT rules to reform online games for children

A policy advocacy group seeks to create a regulatory framework for skill-based online gaming to children and weed out unscrupulous players. Chase India published a paper highlighting the need for a “unified” framework for a skill-based online gaming ecosystem.

“A clear and robust national regulatory framework for skill-based online gaming will children and consumers, ensure the growth of a ’emerging’ industry, while discouraging illegal actors from overseas,” the group said in the paper. business.”

Currently, different states interpret gaming laws differently, creating confusion for legitimate players while unknowingly allowing illegal players who have no responsibility in the country to operate freely, it said.

This policy paper examines issues related to online skill games and proposes a way forward.

Based on the issues faced by users, industry and other stakeholders, the policy paper recommends reforms to the existing regulatory framework to ensure that industry development is balanced with safeguards that keep consumers, especially children, safe from harm and wrongdoers . Clear.

The document said the regulatory framework could ensure the development of the ecosystem and the protection of users of the online skill gaming platform.

The paper recommends that the skills game should be clearly defined in the proposed regulatory framework and that robust self-regulatory mechanisms must be put in place to set high ethical standards for the industry while maintaining its operational efficiency.

It stated that a grievance redress mechanism based on the regulatory framework of OTT platforms should be specified in the gaming industry.

It said provisions to ensure the protection of children should be incorporated into the system to prevent them from accessing age-inappropriate content and to ensure reasonable security and privacy for users and platforms.

The policy paper suggests that the 2021 Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Code of Ethics for Digital Media) Rules could be amended to include specific provisions for skill-mediated online gaming.

The proposed reforms will address the urgent need to players and the online gaming skills ecosystem.

The policy paper urges the Ministry of Nodes, the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology to initiate the process of incorporating the Skills Brokerage Guidelines for Online Gaming with the administrative support of the relevant ministries.

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