Adobe Acrobat Web has been updated to add several useful tools to PDF. Users can now use Acrobat on the Web to add passwords to PDFs, merge multiple PDFs into one file, and split one PDF into multiple files. So far, these features are only available on desktop applications; they can now be used directly on Acrobat Web. Users can also use specific PDF tools, such as using Acrobat to subscribe to edit text and images.

Adobe announced these new tools in its blog, stating that it should be free and easy to perform operations such as converting files to PDF and performing electronic signatures or compression. Acrobat Web’s new tools will allow users to solve various PDF tasks through the browser itself, without the need for desktop software or applications.

Using Acrobat Web, users can add password protection to PDFs, split a single PDF into multiple smaller files, and then merge multiple PDFs into a single file. In addition, Adobe also allows users to fill out and sign forms online, rearrange PDF pages, compress, edit, rotate and delete PDF files/pages.

Adobe has also added some new shortcuts, which users can type in their browsers to quickly access features. These shortcuts include,,, and According to the blog post, Adobe collaborated with Google to test the Acrobat shortcut for the .new domain in July 2020, and it has received more than 10 million clicks since then.

As mentioned earlier, if users need to use more specific PDF tools, such as editing text and images, editing or ORCing, they can use Acrobat subscription. Through subscription, users can use these tools on desktop, mobile and the web.

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