Press release. AdGram service was established a year ago and is currently Telegram’s largest advertising exchange platform.

AdGram can help brands quickly and effectively place a large number of ads in channels and groups. Channels and groups benefit from the expansion of audience groups, it is easy to find advertisers, and through AdGram to increase the revenue of advertising placement.

In the past 12 months, the service has accumulated rich experience in communicating with advertisers and administrators from different countries/regions, which highlights the issue of multi-currency settlement. After overcoming these obstacles, people decided to use cryptocurrency as the key to solving this problem.

As the Telegram team terminated the TON project in May 2020 (the messenger lost a profitable method), Free TON was launched, which used the original TON open source code to take over the development and promotion of TON Crystal. FreeTON is unique in that it is one of the few projects where all tokens belong to the community, and it is developing into a decentralized autonomous organization.

The potential of the basic technology and the development of the community inspired AdGram, and established a partnership with the FreeTON community in October 2020, and fully integrated Crystal as a payment method. The synergy with FreeTON makes a big step towards using cryptocurrency as a simple and clear payment method.

The ability to use tokens for advertising payments in Telegram creates a powerful use case for TON Crystal tokens. The huge and growing scale of the advertising market is critical to token economics because it creates a supply-demand relationship for market participants, thereby increasing the liquidity of the token itself.

For administrators and advertisers, transactions in TON Crystal are very simple, convenient and fast! It also solves the problem of collecting transfer details in various currencies and avoids paying bank fees.

Advertising on the Telegram and FreeTON blockchain, which is the successor to Durov’s original product (but never happened to Durov’s TON), produces a strong and shock-resistant mutually beneficial synergy. This shows that markets and communities can develop in a self-regulating environment.

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