Actress Mila Kunis revealed that she and her husband Ashton Kutcher started investing in Bitcoin eight years ago. She initially thought that investing in Bitcoin was “a terrible idea.” However, now she is using cryptocurrency and says that she has never been more willing to make mistakes.

Mila Kunis is happy to be wrong with Bitcoin

The famous film and television actress Mila Kunis, who has married actor Ashton Kutcher, talks with Stephen Colbert on “The Late Show” on Thursday Bitcoin.

She explained that before investing, Kutcher will be run by her. “The best part about him is that he is really smart and can include me and make sure I know what’s going on,” Kunis shared. She has been dating Kutcher since 2012, and the two married in July 2015.

Kunis said: “In the early days of our date, two things happened.” They were Uber and Bitcoin. After listening to his explanation, Kunis said that Uber “is like a taxi company, but anyone can drive a taxi.” This is the worst idea ever. When he asked her to try the service, she panicked. “I thought,’Are you going to put me with a stranger? What’s wrong with you?’ I was very angry with him,” she recalled.

When he proposed the idea of ​​Bitcoin to her, Kunis said: “He let me sit down and said,’Hey, baby, I have to explain this to you and tell me if I’m crazy.’ He was like ,’Having this thing is like digging for money. This is the so-called cryptocurrency. And this company’-this is eight years ago-‘is called Bitcoin.'” She continued:

I thought, “Well, I think this is a terrible idea,” he said, “Cool, we are investing in this.” So, he didn’t listen to me. I mean, this happens all the time.

The actress confirmed that she and Kutcher started using Bitcoin eight years ago, admitting that initially, she was worried that Bitcoin was not FDIC insured, even if Kutcher tried to convince her that this was the key.

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She further shared that Kutcher would talk about things that seemed “ridiculous” to her. For example, she said: “Why should I sleep on someone’s sofa and pay?” Exclaimed:

It was ridiculous, but here we are. Also, I own everything on Airbnb, everywhere on Uber, and I use cryptocurrency. So, guess what, I’ve never been happy to make a mistake.

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