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According to reports, the “Browsing” tab of Google Photos used on the Internet categorizes the pictures, and the “Favorites” in the “Picture Library”

According to reports, Google Photos for the Web is getting a new “exploration” tab, which was launched as a “search for mobile users” not long ago. This tag provides a dedicated section for the web interface of Google Photos and divides the pictures into categories under people, locations, and things. In addition, the web version of Google Photos will also provide a dedicated option for “Favorites” in the “Library” section. This is after Google Photos updated its “memories” section last month and started showing users stories about their past holidays and sweets.

9to5Google reports that Google Photos for Web has gained a new “Browse” tab and a new “Favorites” option in the “Library” section. Last year, the “Explore” tab was introduced as a “Search” tab for mobile users to categorize pictures. The “People” section uses facial recognition to gather all pictures of a person into one location, making it easier for you to find old photos of people in Google Photos. The tech giant also uses AI to classify photos based on the places you visit and the different things in the image (such as airplanes, beaches, skylines, lakes, etc.).

In addition, the “Browse” tab also allows you to view photos in categories such as “Screenshot”, “Selfie” and “Video”. According to the report, the Google Photos Web update also simplifies online photo searches. Now, clicking on an album can open a compact drop-down list instead of a very long list, which took up the entire screen early. A new option called “Favorites” has been added to the “Library” section to make it easier for users to quickly view all starred images.

According to reports, last month, Google Photos updated the “memories” section and began to show users stories about their past holidays and sweets. These stories feature different titles: “Sand and Sea” and “Delicious Food”. Google Photos is also beginning to display a child-centered memory to select users through a collection called “Out and Play.” These new series are designed to make people relive good memories.

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