According to the tips, Spotify is working hard to increase support for local music playback on Android. Well-known reverse engineering expert Jane Manchun Wong said that Spotify’s application on Android may soon be supported on the device or in local files. The screenshot shows the switch that can be enabled to “show device files”. Spotify users can play locally stored music on their phones without synchronizing from the desktop. So far, it is not clear whether this feature is limited to Spotify Premium users or whether it will also be rolled out to free users.

Currently, the latest Spotify feature is being tested for Android, according to Jane Manchun Said So far, she does not know that this feature is being tested for iOS apps.

As you can see in the screenshot shared by Jane Manchun Wong, the toggle under Spotify settings allows users to choose to turn on the “Display Device Files” option. This will display all audio files present on the user’s device in the “library”. The app seems to scan the saved audio files on your phone and display them in the “Your Bookshelf” section of the app.

To listen to locally downloaded files, Spotify users currently have to log in to their accounts on the mobile application and desktop computers. They must also be synchronized on the same local network.

Since this feature is currently only in testing, it may take some time to roll out to a wider audience. This feature will bring popular music streaming applications to devices such as YouTube Music, allowing users to play locally stored files and uploaded songs.

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Spotify has also recently begun rolling out story features on Android and iOS to a few artists. In this way, users will be able to share video clips containing songs and album art as well as clips from their playlists.

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