According to reports, Fireside is an audio application in development, which is said to be a hybrid between the audio chat application Clubhouse and Spotify’s Anchor podcast platform, which has reportedly surfaced in the screenshots. It is said that it was co-founded by serial entrepreneur Mark Cuban and the founder and CEO of Falon Fatemi, and it is said that it is currently undergoing beta testing on iOS. The report said that although the application currently has only a few testers, even non-users can chat through the browser. Screenshots of the beta version of the application and its desktop view give people a sense of the appearance and functionality of Fireside.

As The Verge shared in a report, a screenshot of the Cuban’s profile on Fireside shows his profile picture above a row of creatures. The lower part of the page introduces the app under the heading “Fireside is the future of podcasting.” It said: “Our goal is to make discussions, debates, and speeches in public forums a celebration and beauty.” The report said that Fireside prioritizes live conversations (the club’s USP) and welcomes users to enter by adding Methods such as introductory music in the room make the impromptu dialogue sound more professional.

More screenshots in the report show Fireside user profiles, which include the number of followers/followers, the rooms they host and the rooms they participate in, as well as the usual profile picture, profile, and app’s joining date. The screenshot also shows the heavy use of emoticons. The report details that users viewing someone’s profile can also tap a room to listen to the old chat history, because Fireside records the conversation locally. As mentioned earlier, click the play button to introduce the user to the room with introductory music, and then have a recorded conversation. The description of the conversation and the number of people playing appear below the play icon.

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Other actions when listing chats on Fireside include a jump button to jump to the highlighted part of the conversation selected by the host. The report stated that the speaker with a crown icon next to the host’s name is the host, and the speaker with a mallet icon on the host’s icon is the host. The host can welcome participants to speak on the “stage” or mute anyone in the room.

The report pointed out that real-time chat on Fireside does not seem too complicated. Joined listeners can only see the icon and name, and the number of people transferred into the conversation. Participants whose microphones are turned on can be identified by a completely opaque profile picture, while participants who are muted can be identified by a transparent profile picture. Listeners can also react to the conversation through comments, emojis, and sound effects (such as clapping hands). People who want to join the live chat can join by clicking on the microphone emoji and submitting a written request.

The Verge claimed in an earlier report about the Fireside application being developed that the application may be launched in 2021 on the grounds that the developer is close to the developer. It also said that creators will have many ways to profit from conversations, and the app will not allow anyone to speak publicly. A job announcement from Fireside mentioned in the report stated that Fireside has raised “millions of dollars” in seed round financing.

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