A few years ago, if someone asked you to imagine a spaceship as a way of daily transportation, you would deny that idea, right? However, the Japanese government and private companies will jointly develop an intercontinental passenger spacecraft network that will allow people to fly to major cities in the world in two hours or less. On May 12, the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology of Japan announced the plan, which aims to achieve its goals in the early 2040s.

Not only that, but the Ministry of Railways of Japan predicts that by 2040, the spacecraft market will reach approximately 5 trillion yen (approximately US$46 billion; Rs 33,472 crore). The report added that the ministry has prepared a draft route map for its ambitious passenger spacecraft plan.

Two stages:

In the first step, Japan is said to have reduced the price of Japan’s space agency H3 rocket from a huge US$46 million (about Rs 3.35 billion) to half by reusing parts. The next step is to launch the successor of the H3 rocket, which can be completed around 2030. According to reports, the ministry stated that by the early 2040s, the roadmap aims to further reduce costs to about 10%. Since this kind of network is expected to transport passengers from one city to another, the next step requires the participation of the private sector, which will lead to the development of spacecraft, which can travel frequently between space and the earth.

Types of spacecraft:

The ministry has envisaged two types of spacecraft: one that is similar to an aircraft that can take off and land on a runway, and the other that can take off and land vertically. In its research, the Ministry also concluded that there will be considerable demand for this kind of spacecraft network connecting major cities on the ground.

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Although this is the first time a country has developed an appropriate roadmap for a spacecraft network, SpaceX CEO Elon Musk briefly talked about the use of interplanetary rocket systems for long-distance trips on Earth in 2017.

Musk shared this idea, claiming that once such a network is operational, it will enable people to make the “distance travel” within half an hour, and to “reach the earth in less than an hour at the same price as the price.” Anywhere”. Economical ticket.

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