Although some Salvadorans near Playa El Zonte beach like the new Bitcoin tendering law implemented by the Nayib Bukele regime, some other citizens dislike the law. This week, regional reports showed that Salvadoran citizens took to the streets to protest the Bitcoin tendering law.

Salvadoran protesters call Bitcoin “too unstable”, like “playing the lottery”

One might think from some fluffy reports from some cryptocurrency magazines that everything about the new Bitcoin law in El Salvador is inflating. However, in the first week of July, Disruptiva conducted a survey of 1,233 people living in El Salvador, and most Salvadorans said they were skeptical of Bitcoin as a currency. After the implementation of the new Bitcoin tendering law, a leaked report stated that Nayib Bukele’s government team was planning to launch a stablecoin.

Now one Regional report Reports from the news media El Mundo showed that many Salvadorans took to the streets to protest against the Bitcoin law. The demonstrators gathered to oppose Bukele’s bidding law and stated that crypto assets are “too unstable.”

There is also a resistance organization called “People’s Resistance and Rebellion Obstruction”, which once wrote a letter to the Bukler regime saying that the law was unconstitutional. The organization stated that the bureaucrats under Buckler’s control did not consult citizens first, and they emphasized that the president’s actions were similar to playing a “lottery.”

Nayib Bukele is considered a “dictator”

Nayib Bukele is considered an authoritarian leader and recently Authorization Citizens must be vaccinated against Covid-19, although push back be opposed to Experimental drugs. Some mainstream U.S. news publications call the President of El Salvador a “dictator.” In May of last year, Booker’s New Thought Party fired several Supreme Court members and the Attorney General.

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Despite his preference for Bitcoin, the President of El Salvador is still known as the “dictator.” Recently, he has been criticized for forcing people to vaccinate the Covid-19 vaccine without full consent. Twenty government agencies related to the Booker government are under investigation for manipulation and corruption. He then fired everyone who participated in the investigation. The news publication El Faro also accused Bukele of secretly negotiating a deal with El Salvador’s most powerful gang, Mara Salvatrucha.

Booker even tweeted about the dismissal and exclaimed that these representatives had been “fired.” It is believed that these members were fired because the Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled that Booker committed an unconstitutional mistake. The Prosecutor General of El Salvador is investigating several ministers of the Buquer regime.

On May 4, U.S. Vice President Kamala Harris talked about El Salvador in a speech. “Just this weekend, we learned that El Salvador’s parliament took action to undermine the country’s Supreme Court. An independent judiciary is essential to a healthy democracy and a strong economy. In this respect—in every aspect—we must Respond.”

Resistance said “Bitcoin serves the elite and ill-gotten gains”

Protesters who do not like the new Bitcoin law also believe that Bukele’s new thought party is wrong. The People’s Resistance and Rebellion Block Group emphasized:

Bitcoin only serves some big businessmen, especially those big businessmen who have connections with the government, to launder money.

Although an absolute majority in the Salvadoran Congress passed the law, Bitcoin (BTC) will be officially recognized by September 7, 2021. Protesters hope that during this period, El Salvadoran lawmakers will prevent Booker’s New Thought Party from successfully implementing the legislation.At the same time, some Salvadorans did not like the organization’s protests and Say: “How can it be called resistance and rebellion? Hahaha… Bitcoin is true financial freedom.”

“It’s sad to see people who seek to fall behind and limit the country’s economic development,” another person Add to.

What do you think of the protesters who do not like El Salvador’s new Bitcoin tendering law? Please tell us your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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