The incredible momentum of the emerging non-fungible token (NFT) market has attracted great attention from collectors and investors. Nevertheless, it is the artists behind these creative works that have benefited a lot from these paradigm shifts.

The new era of art becomes the net positive for creators

In the past few months, the focus on NFTs has been mainly due to the soaring valuations of digital art and collectibles, which seem to set new records every week. The eyes of enthusiasts are just the emergence of multiple exchange platforms, walls, and new media that NFT is the first to recognize the intrinsic value proposition of this new standard.

Although the results of the auction are certainly a fascinating and interesting story, the advantages are even more tempting for artists who have been largely ignored. However, despite playing a central role in this budding movement, there is basically no artist’s point of view in NFT discussions and debates.

Many critics did not realize this advantage, but focused on the disadvantages, such as the environmental impact of platforms such as Ethereum. With the help of Hic et Nunc, the NFT market in Tezos, representing “here and now”, these criticisms have been overcome and art copywriters such as Nancy Baker Cahill, Greg Yüna and Ben Clarkson can transfer their perspectives back to the platform. Each of them has an exciting view on the current status and prospects of NFT.

NFT as a source of empowerment and expanded opportunities

Many creators see this new prototype as a means to push the boundaries of art further in an environment that supports the community, and luxury jewelry designer Greg Yüna agrees.

According to Yuna,

Jewelry has always been a way for me to turn my creativity into reality, but I have also been looking for opportunities to realize it and express it in other places… I’m glad that now people really realize that digital art can be the product itself, not the product itself. The product itself. Just for marketing for other things. It takes a lot of time to create this artwork. For artists who are works of art, our liberation also makes this artwork valued. I really want to be a part of this community that supports artists and appreciates the work we do.

The other side of NFT: a glimpse of the artist’s unique perspective

Not outdated fashion

NFTs usually find themselves at the bottom of the food chain. For the creative world, this is a surprisingly authorized development, and according to the artist, it is not just a whim. For California-based multidisciplinary artist Nancy Baker Cahill, NFT is a driving force for redistributing artistic power levels, which makes it more attractive.

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Per Baker Cahill,

For a long time, artists have been denied financial responsibility to practitioners in other industries. The ontological issues in the blockchain prompts are equally attractive and provide fertile ground for the continued development and development of creativity… I think hyperbolic profit is an outdated fashion, but it is not an art form itself, nor is it valuable. The concept of digital artwork is even equal to the value of artwork.

Yüna responded to this idea, saying:

I don’t think this is a fashion at all. NFT allows us to expand the work ecosystem, change traditional businesses and connect with new communities that want to support the work. I think that as NFTs become more and more common, more consumers will follow suit, but I am now very happy to enter this field because who doesn’t want to be the first adopter company? The people who buy my art are true dreamers.

For the lumen award Ben Clarkson artist, illustrator, animator, and two-time finalist, the social element is crucial to the endurance of NFT. He added,

I think NFT is here to maintain one form or another, and specific economics or basic technologies may last for some time. Technology is always a form of social communication, what changes have taken place in social relations.

Participatory change

Not all art forms have a traditional market, allowing creators to profit from their works while providing greater accessibility and visibility. For Clarkson, NFT is inviting more people to participate in this new market and helping artists break through the limits of the digital field while trying out this new medium.

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When it comes to the sharp contrast between physical art and digital art, Clarkson said,

In the 1960s, Robert Rauschenberg added a chair to one of his paintings to make it a sculpture. NFT cannot do this. The medium has material qualities and determines the content you can communicate with them. NFT has its own set of material qualities. There was no art animation market in the past, but now with NFT, it is booming. As people try to use forms, there will be new possibilities.

The other side of NFT: a glimpse of the artist’s unique perspective

Baker Cahill believes that NFT and physics works are symbiotic, not opposed, but a bridge between the two fields.

I don’t want to describe them as opposites. Especially because NFT can also support artwork.

The evolving creative process

Just as the platform and media are changing, the creative process of NFT is also constantly changing. For Clarkson, this is a simple answer.

I thought, “How can I be under 40mb?”

Yüna further elaborated on this idea.

This process is definitely different, because you can’t (at least not yet) wear NFT on your body… When I make something for a person, it must have a part of the personality of the person. Therefore, I cannot produce works like Floyd Mayweather for pre-battle performances or Michael B. Jordan for the next Prime Minister of Creed. This is becoming my own collection and turning jewelry into a work of art. When I create with Rachel, we take the materials used in jewelry and transform them into digital art works.

Nevertheless, for Cahill Baker, the process is not so obvious and uses the same system she has already adopted.

As far as I am concerned, my understanding of artistic works and their concepts is the same as in physical works, which is intentional. This even applies to the artworks I choose to cast – how do they reflect my creation and my goals as an artist?

The artist’s own prospects

Just as artists adopt this new form in their creations, they also brainstorm for the next frontier of art and look forward to the future. For some people, this means experimenting, for others, it means having the opportunity to focus on pressing issues, and for others, it means having the opportunity to dream of something completely new .

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According to Yuna,

Rachel and I have been trying new ways to study luxury jewelry and reimagining how people view luxury jewelry for a while, so when this opportunity comes, we have to make it bigger. Naturally, we looked at some of the greatest artworks in history and decided that we could recreate those artworks from watches, tennis chains, loose diamonds, Cuban chains, rings and precious stones. It was not easy-trying to do Gustav Klimt and Piet Mondrian correctly was demanding, but we did it,

In terms of upcoming projects, Baker Cahill chose to hone a career with a unique combination of stakeholders.

I am very excited about an ambitious project. I am working with a knowledgeable art lawyer in the NFT space, a well-known PoS blockchain, an art platform that supports eco-friendly cryptocurrency, and an art gallery. We will jointly display multi-part artworks, which boldly solve a series of urgent problems that we are currently concerned about.

For Clarkson, brainstorming is a priority.

I am trying to figure out what I am going to produce next. I filled the book with ideas and dreamed of how to enrich them. I’m currently considering making an animation inspired gunfight animation, but everyone has a banana.

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Picture Credits: Shutterstock, Pixabay, Wiki Commons, Greg Yuna, Ben Clarkson, Nancy Baker Cahill

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