Although he is outspoken and noisy in terms of public figures, Sun’s suspicious propaganda stunts may be an important part of his strategy to put Tron in the spotlight and capitalize on the momentum of cryptocurrency development.

The bombing method may cement Tron’s success

It’s hard to take Tron’s JustinSun seriously. His endless shillings on Twitter and celebrity endorsements to Lindsey Lohan and others undoubtedly did not help him to establish an image of proficient blockchain.

However, although his method is quite controversial, what is more interesting is that its surface is brewing. Despite his limited technical capabilities compared to Ethereum’s Vitalik Buterin and Polkadot’s Gavin Wood, Sun managed to position himself as one of the most successful people in the field.

Justin Sun’s rude style, through his comments or thoughts (good or bad), sucked all the oxygen out of the room, and he positioned himself as a strong and successful stealth entrepreneur. Although he was welcomed by many people in the community for his empty attempt to stay in the spotlight, there is no doubt that some of his business acquisitions and partnerships are eye-catching.

Is Sun more powerful than previously thought?

Yes, talking about taking Justin Sun more seriously may sound suspicious, but in fact, a closer look at his business dealings tells us a very different story. Since the acquisition of Bittorrent for $120 million in 2018, Sun has been welcomed by waves of negative publicity.

As one of the first decentralized protocols that appeared before cryptocurrency, BitTorrent’s global status is still the pinnacle of Sun because of its name recognition capabilities and seamless integration with the crypto ecosystem. Eventually, Sun went on to list the Bittorrent token (BTT) on Tron’s blockchain. Facts have proved that this is a wise move. Since then, the market value of BTT has jumped to the 31st most valuable token, and its fully diluted market value has now exceeded $7 billion.

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In addition to this acquisition, Sun was originally part of the owner of the Poloniex exchange. Although he initially denied this, it proved his ambition. Considering that Poloniex is a centralized exchange, although this may not be consistent with his public statement “decentralized network”, it has followed other similar moves in an attempt to centralize more services under his protection.

Tron’s acquisition of Steemit is more controversial because some believe that Sun colluded with major exchanges to delete the node validator on the dPOS blockchain and replaced it with his own. This effectively centralizes a decentralized social media platform based on blockchain. However, despite the uproar and the abandonment of the number of users on the platform, the STEEM token has almost risen nearly five times since the acquisition in February 2020.

The latest announcement of integration with DAO Maker reflects another major move to expand the Tron ecosystem based on blockchain services. The recently announced strategic partnership will enable DAO Maker to bring all of its cross-chain incubation, fundraising and growth-oriented services to Tron. By joining a retail-focused investment plan, Sun said that despite the limited technical acumen, he still intends to make Tron a super competitive chain relative to Ethereum and Polkadot.

Sun merchant and centralized architect

The testimony of existing and former employees proves that most of these initiatives directly conflict with Web decentralization activities, which highlights Sun’s more evil efforts to prevent competition. Despite being ridiculed, Sun is still in climax. He may not be the best advocate of blockchain, but Justin Sun undoubtedly sees it as an opportunity to make money and makes full use of this opportunity. This is his eclectic ambition and hopes to pass encryption The ranks of currencies have risen.

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So what do you think-Justin Sun, a crypto hawker or business expert? Let us know in the comments section below.

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