In this article, we have 9 ordinary super-rich people who drive around in low-maintenance and super-reliable Toyota cars. continue reading.

Our super-rich Bollywood celebrities lead flashy and charming lives, and we can always see them walking around in luxurious and fashionable cars. However, when it comes to convenience and practicality, the mass market segment will prevail. Even our celebrities prefer economical cars as a means of daily transportation. Although we are talking about high-end economy cars, Toyota is the most popular among the humble Indian superstars.

This is a list of 9 such celebrities.

1. Amitabha


Toyota is known for its luxurious and affordable cars, and even the king of Bollywood Amitabh Bachchan couldn’t help but buy himself a brand new Toyota Innova Crysta. It has elegant features such as a stylish front design, seven auxiliary restraint system airbags, anti-lock braking, touch screen display, electronic brake force distribution and brake assist, and the price is 2.5 million rupees. He also owns a Toyota Camry hybrid.

2. Rajinikanter


Although most celebrities will envy Rajnikanth’s high-end luxury car fleet, our “South Carolina Superstar” is down to earth and can regularly take his Toyota Innova for daily commuting.

3. Amir Khan



Perfectionist Amir Khan owns many luxury cars, including Bentley and Mercedes-Benz. But let us tell you that he still likes to drive around the town in a comfortable and stylish Toyota Fortuner.

4. Jackie Schroef



Toyota is known for providing excellent reliability and grand style. It is ideal for long-term operation and requires minimal maintenance, which makes it a popular choice for people who like affordable, high-quality comfort. Jackie Shroff is another super rich man who owns a Toyota Innova.

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5. Malaika Arora



In terms of sustainability, the forever young queen Malaika Arora is not far behind. She prefers the gasoline automatic variant of Toyota Innova Crysta as her daily transportation, because she also believes that Toyota provides quality and comfort at the same time.

6.Maduri Dixit

Toyota is popular for its high-end reliability and low maintenance rate. However, they look great after modification. Madhuri Dixit used a completely remodeled Toyota Innova version, which was transformed into a lounge by DC Designs.

7. Gulshan Grover



Toyota Innova provides excellent riding experience, space and durability. For this reason, many Bollywood celebrities are proud to take them out. Gulshan Grover was spotted riding this car several times.

8. Bipasha Basu


Among Toyota cars, Fortuner is popular for its elegant design, reliability and spacious cab. Bipasha and her husband Karan Singh Grover often travel in this place. This proves the importance of and reliability to the super rich.

9. Anushka Sharma

The actors trust Toyota’s endurance and sturdiness. Although her husband Virat Kohli has been supporting Toyota Etios Liva in India, people see Anushka often driving a white Fortuner.




These celebrities can often be seen driving these reliable cars in cities. Have you spotted these celebrities in their practical Toyota cars recently?

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