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$250 trillion in assets looking for the ideal store of value: Bitcoin’s bull market

Listed on Nasdaq, the CEO of Microstrategy, a billion-dollar company, gave strong support to Bitcoin. He said that there is currently an ocean of 250 trillion US dollars of assets looking for an ideal store of value, and Bitcoin is a better store of value than gold or technology stocks, so “a lot of currency energy will flow into the crypto pool from the ocean of assets.”

Compare Bitcoin with early investments in Apple, Google, Facebook, Amazon

In a webcast with Hedgeye CEO Keith McCullough last week, Microstrategy CEO Michael Saylor outlined the highly bullish Bitcoin price situation. Microstrategy, which is listed on the Nasdaq, recently invested $425 million in Bitcoin as its main reserve asset.

Saylor first explained that he has always been a large technology investor. “The thing about technology is figuring out what is going to swallow the world. If you are right, have it, hold it and wait,” he suggested. The CEO used Apple, Google, Amazon and Facebook as examples and repeatedly emphasized that buying these technology stocks is not important. “The truth of the problem is that if you bought Google, Apple, Amazon, or Facebook at any time between 2010 and 2020… I don’t think it’s possible to lose money at any time in ten years… Your investment mistakes will try to These things are brought to the market.”

The CEO of Microstrategy added: “Bitcoin is the first software network in the history of the world that can pull the energy of money. Therefore, these Bitcoin developers have discovered something that is truly beautiful and of extraordinary value. They are absorbing purity through the network. Money energy.” He elaborated:

If I take out 100 million dollars and invest it in Bitcoin, it can stay there for ten years like in a battery. It will not bleed. You won’t lose 2% to 4% every year, I can put it in my palm, and I can move it on the earth for a few dollars in a few minutes, and we have never thought about that in the history of the world. .

Bitcoin is not that volatile

A classic objection that investors must invest in Bitcoin is its volatility. When talking about this topic, Seiler said that he has been studying the volatility of different assets over the past three, four and five months. He studied 30-year U.S. Treasury bonds, 10-year U.S. Treasury bonds, Nasdaq (NASDAQ), Russell 2000, gold, silver, Apple, Amazon, Facebook, Google, etc. After comparing their volatility with Bitcoin, Saylor came to the following conclusions:

My unscientific view is that every day at least half of the assets are more volatile than Bitcoin. In many turbulent days, I found that 80% to 90% of them are more volatile than Bitcoin.

“So I think this is a historical narrative/belief. People think they know it’s unstable, but in reality, the past three months didn’t seem to be that big to me. I think in the next ten years In the past decade, it will not have the same volatility as in the past decade.” Sailer said.

The CEO of Microstrategy continued to discuss how investors can use Apple’s stock as a store of value. People are actually using Apple’s stock as a store of value because it is deflationary.Apple is repurchasing it, they think Apple is not making any progress, they desperately flee [from] currency. However, he pointed out: “In the past three months, Apple has been more volatile than Bitcoin. “

Bitcoin is a better store of value than Apple stock or gold

Apart from Apple’s stock, gold is still the favorite store of value for investors. However, Seiler explained that neither is as valuable as Bitcoin.

“The fact is that Apple’s stock is not scarce. The executive team can and will eventually print more content. If this does not dilute your interests, then they will face regulatory risks, competition risks, [and] Execution risk-a large number of moving parts… which is why they are not effective in the long term,” he elaborated. As for gold, he said: “If you invest $100 million in gold, and gold miners Increase the income by 2% to 3% every year, so 2% more, then, over 100 years, you will lose 88% of your purchasing power. “

The CEO explained that these stores of value were effective in the past because there was no choice. However, the situation has changed. He declared: “In 2020, you can choose, you can own digital gold.” They can no longer make it. Bitcoin miners are friends of Bitcoin owners. They are not the enemies of Bitcoin owners. “He explained that to deposit 100 million US dollars for 100 years, in the best case, if you deposit it in gold, you will lose 85% of it. “If possible, you will lose all because of the bank Will go bankrupt, the country will go bankrupt, [or] Someone will catch it. “He claimed.

Saylor proposed Bitcoin as the best solution: “Bitcoin maximizationists… are passionate and pious about this, because for the first time in human history, you have all your wealth and vitality. You can put it in Assets. You can keep the key. You can keep your one million dollars, one hundred thousand dollars. No government, no bank can take it away from you. No one tells you that you can’t have your own life force if If you have hopes and ambitions for your family, religion, and life, then you have the ability to realize those hopes and ambitions without asking for permission from others. Banks, governments or politicians.”

Then, the CEO of MicroStrategy talked about the trillions of dollars in current alternative assets that serve as a store of value, including gold, technology stocks and bonds. He declared:

There is an ocean of 250 trillion dollars in assets. They are now looking for an ideal store of value.

He emphasized that maintaining Bitcoin stores value better than other assets he described earlier: “Bitcoin is digital gold. Better than gold, gold stores value better than big technology.” He believes that, just like investors As understood, “a lot of currency energy will flow from the ocean of assets into the cryptocurrency pond, and everyone who makes this transition will benefit from it.”

Do you agree with Michael Saylor’s Bitcoin vision? Let us know in the comments section below.

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