Fed members and other officials said they are not worried about the level of inflation, and some officials even encourage the general rise in the prices of goods and services. Although statistics are said to show that the US inflation rate is only 2% to 2.24%, the report shows that the Fed’s liquidity expansion has accelerated inflation and the prices of US goods and services have risen sharply.

The Fed calls the U.S. inflation rate “fixed at 2%”

There are reasons to regard precious metals such as gold and silver and cryptocurrency assets such as Bitcoin (BTC) as reasons for evading currency inflation. These three forms of currency and their monetary base cannot be expanded like legal tender, and statistics show that the money supply in the United States is now 24% higher than before the pandemic stimulus plan.

2% inflation is a myth-statistics in 2021 show that the prices of goods and services have soared

Now, the Fed’s own book, many ready-made economists and mainstream media publications claim that the highest inflation rate in the United States is only 2% to 2.24%. In addition, US politicians and central bank members are planning to inject trillions of dollars into the economy by rebuilding the US infrastructure. If this stimulus measure ($3 trillion) is passed, it will increase the US money supply by 12.2%.

To this day, although 77% of Americans are afraid of declining purchasing power, the Fed and bureaucrats are not worried about inflation. However, statistics from shadowstats.com and equipmentradar.com show that the inflation rate is much higher than the often touted 2% inflation rate.

The Fed insisted in its “FAQ” section: “By seeking an average 2% increase in inflation over time, the Federal Open Market Committee will help ensure that long-term inflation expectations are maintained at 2%.”

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The actual inflation rate is expected to reach US$8-10 per bushel between 2021 and 2023

However, the latest prices of goods and services that everyone sees are not in line with the Fed’s seemingly high 2% decree. A shadowstats.com researcher said: “The inflation rate in February reached its peak at the beginning of the plunge in economic activity.” The inflation update from April 2 to 5 added: “March is not the beginning of a booming economy. .”

The shadowstats.com April update stated: “The actual new orders for durable goods in February fell by 3.2 (-3.2%), a year-on-year decrease of -0.6%,”. “[The] The Cass Cargo Index dropped -3.2% in the month, and has been declining year by year, and the cumulative change over the two years has dropped -3.7%. Sales of new homes plummeted by -18.2% this month, while sales of existing homes fell by -6.6%. Statistically, the monthly crashes of building permits and housing starts both exceeded -10.0%. “

2% inflation is a myth-statistics in 2021 show that the prices of goods and services have soared
(Left picture) Statistics from equipmentradar.com. (Image on the right) Statistics on shadowstats.com, March 21, 2010.

In addition to the latest report from shadowstats.com, another report released by equipmentradar.com “focuses on $8-10 per bushel per bushel between 2021-2023” also shows that commodity prices have risen.

In addition to expecting “8-10 dollars per bushel” [of corn] Research by equipmentradar.com shows that between 2021 and 2023, the price chart of various commodities in the United States shows that the inflation rate is much higher than 2%. Including oil + 80%, corn + 69%, steel + 145%, wheat + 25%, coffee + 34%, cotton + 35%, copper + 50%, wood + 126%, soybeans + 71%, house value + 8%, stock market + 24%.

Obviously, American citizens have not been told the truth about the ever-expanding money supply, development trends, and actual inflation rate. U.S. residents forced to use U.S. dollars for legal tenders have already seen the massive monetary expansion that is happening right now.

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Even with direct inspections of stimulus measures, the American people realize that most of the stimulus funds have been distributed to special interest groups, such as companies, military dealers, and Bank of America. The fact of the problem is that the reduction in purchasing power is real, and in terms of buying goods and services, people now see much less gains in fiat currency.

What do you think of the actual inflation of goods and services and the claimed 2% interest rate touted by the Federal Reserve and bureaucrats far exceeding expectations? Let us know your thoughts on this topic in the comments section below.

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