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18 months later, high-speed mobile Internet services were restored in Chamu and Kashmir

On Friday, high-speed mobile internet was restored on the entire combined territory of Cha Jam and Kashmir, only one and a half years after the center was cancelled in August 2019 (the center cancelled the special status of the former country).

The Chief Secretary of the Interior Ministry Shaleen Kabra issued a notice and instructed the inspector generals of Kashmir and Chamu to “closely monitor the impact of the lifting of restrictions.” Raj Bhavan’s official Twitter host on LG Manoj Sinha thanked Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Interior Minister Amit Shah for “agreeing with our Requirement and the restoration of 4G services throughout Chamu and Kashmir UT. This move will satisfy the wishes of the people, especially the youth.”

The two-page order stated that in accordance with the instructions of the Supreme Court order of May 11 last year, a special committee formed to objectively assess the current situation and determine the need to continue to implement these restrictions.

The committee held a meeting on February 4, “Among other things, the committee noted the input and concerns of security agencies and police, as well as its assessment of opening high-speed mobile Internet connections…”

“Therefore, considering the opinions of the Special Committee, I, the Chief Secretary of the Government…, hereby lift the restrictions on mobile data services and fixed-line Internet connections.”

However, the order clearly states that “prepaid SIM card holders can be provided with high-speed Internet facilities only after verification in accordance with the specifications applicable to post-paid connections.”

Rohit Kansal, spokesperson and chief secretary of the government of Chamu and Kashmir, announced earlier this evening a statement on the restoration of high-speed mobile internet. He said on Twitter that “the entire JK will resume 4G mobile internet. service.”

Except for the Ganderbal and Udhampur areas, restrictions on mobile Internet services throughout the United Territory continued until February 6.

On August 5, 2019, the old government completely shut down the Internet. At that time, the government announced the abolition of Article 370 of the Constitution and divided it into two parts: Chamu, Kashmir and Ladakh.

Later, 2G services were resumed on January 25 last year, and 4G services on mobile devices in Ganderbal in the Kashmir branch and Udhampur in the Jam area were restarted in August last year.
After the center notified the Supreme Court that a committee specializing in investigating the matter was considering allowing two of the coalition’s 20 districts to test the facility, the work was completed.

High-speed Internet is limited to post-paid subscribers, while pre-paid customers can only enjoy the benefits of the service after completing the verification process. The Supreme Court also heard a request from a non-governmental organization seeking a con-view lawsuit against the Joint Secretary of the Interior and the Chief Secretary of JK, asking them to comply with the court’s May 11 order, saying that they were “deliberately disobeying.” The committee will discuss The possibility of resuming high-speed internet in the territory of the alliance.

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